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Awesome art and music, remembering the essence of the retro games. With a bit more polish (player speed, collisions) and content (enemies, etc.) could be pretty fun.

AWESOME. Graphics and music are omg so cool. I really like this kind of puzzle games a lot. It has a very cool retro touch. The only bad thing I can see here is that the control using the mouse is a bit unintuitive, and at first I didn't know what to do at the first room as @Kim, but as soon as I read instructions, everything was OK :D The movement was a bit weird when entering the doors, but overall, just an awesome entry.

Can't get pass the first door D: But I really love the sprites! ^^

Oh! Can you let me know what process are you following?

Intento entrar en cualquiera de las dos puertas y el personaje empieza a temblar como loco. Puedo salir, y al intentarlo de nuevo pasa otra vez :'c

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Both doors are locked, if you pay attention to the little symbol in top of them. Try to unlock one of them by using your magic. Use the mouse to it. An update is on the way to improve this information... Thanks for playing and good luck

Nice puzzle game which needed some extra hours to get some missing elements (enemies and an ending screen). BUT, awesome work! I'd love to see a finished version of this one with a mega-drivish color palette (keep that FM music!!)


Of course, you'll have a finished improved version of this!! We're already working on some polished feedback for the player, and after that, enemies will appear! Keep tuned!