A downloadable Ninjam for Windows

A group of four brave ninjas have been trapped in a misterious room. They are pushed to go at the top to get at the end of this matter.

Four players:

  • A/D -  F/H - J/L - 🡐/🡒 : move left/right
  • W - T - I - 🡑 :  jump
  • S - G - K - 🡓:  attack

Take care!! Spikes are placed on the ceil and floor of the room, so try to get well settled on the platforms while you slash enemies waves. Will you beat all of them?

A more polished, fun and balanced version is on development. You can give a try to these 48-hours-game-jam-version, but we recommend you come back regularly to see improvements. Thanks!


Ninjams.zip 26 MB

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